Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between you and InstantMenu(with its affiliates, “InstantMenu” or “we”). Please read these InstantMenu Services Terms of Use, and the other applicable rules, policies, and terms available at the InstantMenu.co website, or on or through the InstantMenu Software (collectively, this “Agreement”) before using the InstantMenu Services on a Product. By using the InstantMenu Services, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, then you may not use the services on the Platform, and we request you to uninstall the App. By installing, downloading or even merely using the Platform, you shall be contracting with InstantMenu and you signify your acceptance to this Terms of Use and other InstantMenu policies (including but not limited to the Cancellation & Refund Policy, Privacy Policy) as posted on the Platform and amended from time to time, which takes effect on the date on which you download, install or use the Platform, and create a legally binding arrangement to abide by the same. Your use of any of the InstantMenu Services is subject to any additional rules, policies, and terms that apply to those InstantMenu Services.


1) For the purposes of these Terms, ‘User’ and wherever the context may require, ‘You’ (or any variation thereof), shall mean any natural or legal person (including any legal heirs, administrators or successors) who has agreed to become a user of the Platform by accessing or using the Platform. If You are accepting these Terms and using the Services (as defined below) or the Platform on behalf of a company, organization, government, or other legal entity, You represent and warrant that You are authorized to do so

2) These Terms contain rules, regulations, policies, terms and conditions applicable to any Person who may access or use the Platform, as modified and updated from time to time.

Use of the Platform and the Services provided are subject to the rules and regulations, policies, notices, terms and conditions set forth or included by reference in these Terms. Please read these Terms carefully before using or registering on the Platform or listing any item, accessing any material, information or Services, posting any information at or through the Platform. The Company reserves the right to modify the Platform and/or alter these Terms and/or Policies at any time and retains the right to deny access at any time including the termination of membership and deletion of the account, to anyone who the Company believes has violated the provisions of the User Agreement.

3) The price of the products and services offered by the vendor are solely determined by the vendor itself and the InstantMenu has no role to play in such determination of price in any way whatsoever

4) The InstantMenu is not responsible for any non-performance or breach of any contract entered into between vendor and customers

User Obligations

You agree, undertake and confirm that your use of Platform shall be strictly governed by the following binding principles:

1) You shall not host, display, upload, download, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information which:

  1.   is patently offensive to the online community, such as sexually explicit content, or content that promotes obscenity, paedophilia, racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
  2.   harasses or advocates harassment of another person;
  3.   promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libellous;
  4.   contains video, photographs, or images of another person (with a minor or an adult);
  5.   is misleading or misrepresentative in any way;
  6.   threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any criminal offence or prevents investigation of any offence or is insulting any other nation;
  7.   harm minors in any way;
  8.   refers to any website or URL that, in our sole discretion, contains material that is inappropriate for the Platform or any other website, contains content that would be prohibited or violates the letter or spirit of these Terms;
  9.   provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;
  10.   provides material that exploits people in a sexual, violent or otherwise inappropriate manner or solicits personal information from anyone;
  11.   directly or indirectly, offers, attempts to offer, trades or attempts to trade in any item, the dealing of which is prohibited or restricted in any manner under the provisions of any applicable Law, rule, regulation or guideline for the time being in force; or
  12.   creates liability for us or causes us to lose (in whole or in part) the services of our internet service provider or other suppliers.

2) You shall not use any "deep-link", "page-scrape", "robot", "spider" or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, or any similar or equivalent manual process, to access, acquire, copy or monitor any portion of the Platform or any content, or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Platform or any content, to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or information through any means not purposely made available through the Platform. We reserve our right to prohibit any such activity.

3) You agree not to use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Platform or any transaction being conducted on the Platform, or with any other person's use of the Platform.

4) You may not forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any message or transmittal you send to us on or through the Platform or any service offered on or through the Platform. You may not pretend that you are, or that you represent, someone else, or impersonate any other individual or entity.

5) You may not use the Platform or any content on the Platform for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity that infringes the rights of InstantMenu and/or others.

6) You may not leak or misuse the customers data

Vendor Information

Vendor means the owner / operator / user of the Restaurant, hotels, café, etc.

1) You agree to provide true, accurate, up to date and complete information while signing up on the Platform or for any other purpose when prompted or requested to do so on the Platform.

2) You are solely responsible for maintaining secrecy and confidentiality of your login details including your mobile number, password. The vendor hereby agrees and acknowledges that the platform will grant access to any person who has obtained your login credentials in the same manner as it would have granted access to you and you shall be responsible for all activities conducted under your login credentials. The vendor is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the vendor's account access information and password, if the vendor is registered on the platform. The vendor shall be responsible for all usage of the vendor's account and password, whether or not authorized by the Merchant.

3) For the use of our Services, You will be required to use certain devices, software, and data connections, which we otherwise do not supply. For as long as You use our Services, You consent to downloading and installing updates to our Services, including automatically, downloading and installing such updates.

You are responsible for all carrier data plan and other fees and taxes associated with Your use of our Services. We may charge You for our Services, including applicable taxes. We do not provide refunds for our Services, except as required by Law.

4) Certain information You provide on the Platform in Your profile may reveal, or allow others to identify different aspects of Your private life, and more generally about You. You are expressly and voluntarily accepting the terms of the User Agreement and supplying all such information by You on the platform, including all information deemed "personal" or “sensitive” by applicable Laws, is entirely voluntary on your part.

5) The Company shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by the User to the Company or to any other person acting on behalf of the Company.
You are prohibited from misrepresenting Your identity and agree not to represent Yourself as another User or login/ register using the identity of any other Person. You are responsible to maintain and promptly update the information provided while signing up or verifying or for any other purpose on the Platform to ensure that the information provided by You is true, accurate, current, complete and not misleading at all times.

6) If You provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, misleading, not current or incomplete or the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that such information is untrue, inaccurate, misleading, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with the User Agreement, the Company reserves the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate or block Your use or access to the Platform in any manner whatsoever. Should any other User or Person act upon such untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete information provided or verified by You, the Company, and its Personnel shall not be liable for any damages, Losses, direct, indirect, immediate or remote, interests or claims resulting from such information to You or to any third party. You hereby agree and undertake to indemnify and to hold harmless the Company, and its Personnel in accordance with the Indemnity clause contained in these Terms.

7) You agree to check that the customer is generic or fraud. As InstantMenu are not verifying the customers and so its outlet's duty to verify it

8) InstantMenu is freely available on Google Play Store

9) InstantMenu is not collecting any external charges from their users for installing or setup or creating menu.

10) InstantMenu is not binded to collect money from users. If it will collect then it will be through in-app purchase not through externally by any third person/party

11) We are not allowing to use our name to find users and taking charges from them for any setup or installation or creating menu

12) If any third person comes to you and ask to setup and create your menu, then we the InstantMenu are not responsible for it. We are not sending any person to you to setup the app and take charges from you for the setup. We are not giving any contract to build up with you.

13) InstantMenu is totally free to install and setup your menu by your own

14) Once You have signed up on the Platform, You agree, allow and grant the Platform to gain access to Your mobile device to find and keep track of mobile phone numbers of other Users of the Service, Your location, inbuilt storage or other storage on Your mobile device, access to internet, control vibration, accounts on Your mobile device and such other data or information downloaded, added, edited, stored, processed, used, deleted on or from Your mobile device.

Vendors Covenant's (Agreement)

InstantMenu enables transactions on its platform between participating restaurants/vendors and customers. The customers ("Buyers/customers") can select food items and place orders from a variety of items listed by vendors of the restaurants, eateries and grocery stores ("Vendor/s").

InstantMenu provides:

InstantMenu Plus

Vendor will be able to receive and manage online orders if they have purchased InstantMenu Plus

Subscription Policy

1) Vendor has to purchase subscription plan for receiving and managing online orders. To every new user a 15-days free trial option will be available. Once trial period is completed you have to purchase the paid plan manually. If user wants to skip trial plan and purchase the paid plan directly then they can purchase the paid plan manually

2) Different options for subscription plans are available

3) Once user subscription plan is completed, then InstantMenu will not deduct any amount automatically to renew the plan. User has to purchase the plan manually once the subscription plan is completed

4) You can't access further to any features of the plan once that plan is expired or completed. To access the features like graphical records, create new vouchers, dashboard, settlement records and many other things of InstantMenu Plus you again have to purchase the plan

5) If your trial/purchased subscription plan shows that this plan will get expire today, it means that you can still have whole day to access the features of InstantMenu Plus

6) InstantMenu has the right to immediately terminate the access or usage rights of the subscription you purchased if you are misusing it

Cancellation and Refunds of subscription

Paid subscription plan is cancelable only if you cancels the subscription within 7 days of purchasing the plan. You will get the refund within 7-8 working days. No cancellation will be made after 7 days of purchase date and time

User can cancel the subscription plan from the application itself within 7 days of purchase. After that no cancellation allowed

Sms credit plan is non-refundable. If you purchase any of the sms credit plan you are not able to cancel the plan. No cancellation is made on sms credit plan

General Features of InstantMenu Plus

Here You/you/your refers to Vendor or any other person to whom vendor has given the access/authority to manage orders

1) Order processing stages vary from service to service. Kindly check the stages in all 5 services like New Order, Preparing, On the way, Pickup, etc.

2) Once the stage is changed like in DineIn from Preparing to Served, in Home Delivery Preparing to On the way, then you can't revert back the stage i.e you can't change stage from preparing to new order

3) Once you have done order set as paid, it will be considered as order paid you can't revert back to unpaid

4) InstantMenu is not responsible if your customers data is misused in any case

5) In home delivery you are allowed to add rider details only in preparing and on the way stage

6) You are solely responsible for the offers or discounts provided by you in voucher. The voucher offer amount will be deducted from the customer's order if applied

7) InstantMenu is not responsible for the additional charges you add in orders. Like if you are adding Delivery charge for Home Delivery Order you are responsible for that. We the InstantMenu are not adding any extra hidden additional charge on the order

8) The latest format that you set in Invoice Format will be considered. When you print the invoice, regardless of previous date or upcoming date the format in the invoice will be setted as the latest format

9) Vendor has to provide some legal documents like bank details to enable online payments. Bank details are mandatory if you want to accept online orders. InstantMenu is not responsible if vendor has added wrong bank details. Your online orders payment will be deposited to the bank you provide to InstantMenu. When you add or change bank details make sure that the payments will be deposited to the bank only when bank details are verified by InstantMenu. You agree that the payment will be settled to your bank within 2-3 working days. No instant payment will be made to your bank

10) The vendor hereby authorizes InstantMenu to collect net sales from the customer on behalf of the vendor. The vendor permits InstantMenu to deduct the Commission from the net sales and transfer such remaining amounts to the vendor in accordance with the payment settlement process set out in the application. InstantMenu will transfer the net sales collected from the Customers, less the Commission, to the vendor in accordance with terms of the Form read along with the Terms.

11) InstantMenu charges 0% on all the cash orders and charges 2.5% (GST included) on all online orders as their payment gateway and technical charge. This charges may change anytime but we will notify you once it is changed

12) If customer selects to pay through cash then he will pay directly to the vendor's outlet. InstantMenu takes no responsibility for such cash transaction

13) When your subscription gets expired, the InstantOrder service will not work and all the related features of InstantMenu Plus will also be deactivated like your customer can't place order, can't track the order placed, etc

14) InstantMenu has rights to add or change sms charges anytime without notifying you

15) InstantMenu has rights to change plus packages and their features anytime without notifying you

Cancellation and Refund of order

1) In case of cancellation, InstantMenu charges 0% for refund of cash order and charges only 0.99% for refund of online order for every service as their technical charge

2) If your customer's order is in any stage in any service and if no further action was taken against the order, the order will automatically gets cancelled anytime after 3 hours of order placed and customer will get 99.01% refund of their payment

Whatsapp Order

Vendor can receive online orders through Whatsapp Order

1) Ordering through whatsapp order is totally free of cost

2) You must add your whatsapp number on which outlet receives the orders

3) You agree that the number you are adding must have whatsapp activated on it. If whatsapp is not activated on the added number then outlet will not receive any orders and InstantMenu is not responsible for that. Also you should agree that the sms service in activated on the added number for number verification

4) Whatsapp Order doesn't support online payment and so InstantMenu charges 0% for online orders made through whatsapp order

5) Make sure whatsapp order is available only in standard order

6) InstantMenu will not be responsible for any modifications occurred in order while making whatsapp order

7) Once order received, verification from both sides should be made from end

8) You agree that the number you are providing for whatsapp ordering will be shared to all your guest

9) Reply appropriately to your guest/customer for confirmation of order once order received from your whatsapp

Customer Covenant's (Agreement)

1) Customers are those who will order the food to the outlet from the InstantMenu platform.

2) Once order has been placed, customer has no rights to cancel/modify the order. If they want to cancel the order they need to contact the outlet for the same

3) Customer should be aware that their information like name, mobile number, etc. will be shared to respected outlets, as login through customer mobile number is mandatory

4) InstantMenu platform is totally free for the customers. Customers does not have to install any kind of application, they just need to scan QR and open the respective outlet in their browser and can order from there.

5) If customer feels any inappropriate data or any offensive things in the menu of the respected outlet they can report the outlet on InstantMenu platform and InstantMenu has all rights to take action against respected outlet.

6) If customer selects to pay through cash then he has to pay directly to the outlet. InstantMenu takes no responsibility for such cash transaction. Also, cancellation and refund of cash transaction is not under InstantMenu, customer has to contact outlet owner for the same

7) InstantMenu is not responsible if customer gets any improper food, stain food, rotten food by the outlet

8) Food or Goods not properly served, improper food/goods delivery, wrong food/goods delivery, wrong food/goods served by outlet, all these matters are not under InstantMenu

9) Any external issues like misbehaving of restaurant staff, waiters, deliver boys, etc are not under InstantMenu

Changes to This Terms & Conditions

We may update our Terms & Conditions from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Terms & Conditions on this page.

This policy is effective as of 2023-07-20

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