About Us

We are providing online digital menu with order system wherein customers can order food and make payment via cash or online. First of all customers will open digital menu of respected outlet, then they will add the food items according to their needs in the cart. After adding items to cart they get an overview of the items added in cart section. Basically, we provide 5 main services like DineIn, Home delivery, Take away, Room Order, Drive Thru. Customers can select any one of them while ordering. Out of these 5 services outlets owner can customize the services they want to provide to their customers for eg. if an outlet is just providing dine in services then only dine in service will be visible to their customers or if any outlet is providing only home delivery and take away services then only home delivery and take away services will be visible to their customers. At last, customers will get options for payment like pay via cash or online.

Android application
InstantMenu Outlet helps to create a digital menus of the restaurants, hotels, cafe, lodge, street food, etc. which will be viewed by their customers on their smart phone by just scanning the QR Code downloaded through this app. Instant Menu is robust, user-friendly, and is designed specially to provide an enriched guest experience.

InstantMenu Outlet provides order system through WhatsApp ordering. Your guest can add their food items to their cart and then they can order through their WhatsApp and you will receive a new order in the form of WhatsApp text message. Also service options like dine-in, takeaway and home delivery are also available. Also Instant Menu supports multiple menu languages so the owner can create his/her restaurant menu in different languages.

Many other services are provided by Instant Menu :
- Digital Menu viewed by scanning QR Code
- Supports Multi Menu language while viewing the menu to guests
- Also Can Create Menu By Uploading Menu Images
- Menu Theme Customization
- Can change menu in real time without affecting your QR Code
- Order taking through WhatsApp and its free of cost
- Easy to use
- No longer custom menu available
- Made In India

Additionally, we are launching an order application where in all the orders from the customers will be received in the application. Process will be continued from new order placed to bill generated. Here, outlets owner has to purchase subscription for this order system.

Come and experience the world of digital!!